Executor of the Mack Estate


Otto Weiss, on behalf of the Florenz Krenz Mack Trustees, came to the task of carrying out Mrs. Mack's intent with a purpose. Then Dean, Lorraine Midanik said of Mr. Weiss: He was always very clear in my conversations with him as to his objectives. Mr. Weiss is a man who rose from modest beginnings in difficult neighborhoods in Chicago to establish his own accounting firm in San Francisco. He wanted to make sure the Center focused on issues surrounding conflict as he saw and experienced the importance of such issues in his life. Dean Midanik said: "Otto always emphasized that it was extremely important that the Center approach these issues in a scholarly manner and not from a one-sided perspective. He has a deep concern for vulnerable populations and a strong conviction to seek solutions to global social problems. He also wanted to ensure that students were actively involved." It with this social concern that the Center has moved forward to focus on the vulnerability of all to mental health issues in conflict areas and on one of the most vulnerable populations in such situations, persons with mental illness.