high-risk people

Jennifer L. Skeem and Devon L. L. Polaschek publication "High risk, not hopeless: correctional intervention for people at risk for violence" ,discussing effective ways to identify and reduce risk of reoffending for people at high risk of recidivism, is highlighted in a new Marquette Law Review special symposium issue on preventing violent reoffending, 

The American criminal justice system is making a positive shift from mass incarceration towards alternatives to incarceration. In their article, "High risk, not hopeless: Correctional intervention for people at risk for violence", Jennifer Skeem and Devon Polaschek review research on effective interventions with high-risk individuals that can be implemented not only in communities but more specifically correctional institutions. Dr. Skeem and Dr. Polaschek discuss the importance of using evidence based practice to guide effective justice policy and practice for high-risk individuals.