Mental illness

As part of Perspectives, the Journal of the America Probation and Parole Association, Jennifer Eno Louden, Rebekah Adair and Jennifer L. Skeem discuss myths regarding people with mental illness and provide guidelines for best practices in a community correctional context in "Moving Past the Myths: Research- Informed Practices for Supervising Clients with Serious Mental Illness".  

The Globe Post article "Focusing on Mental Illness Won’t Solve America’s Gun Violence Problem: Experts" addresses the growing narrative that improving mental health services will reduce gun violence. Jennifer Skeem and Edward Mulvey's synthesis of research shows the limited role serious mental illness plays in mass violence. Dr. Mulvey is featured in a video within the article.

Read about Dr. Skeem's recent congressional testimony discussing mental illness, gun violence and reducing gun violence in ways that actually work. 

Jennifer Skeem (UCB) and Susan Turner (UCI) were awarded $1.6M by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) to conduct a five-study that will advance policy for justice-involved people with mental illness.  In this randomized controlled trial, we will test whether and how Interventions, a cognitive-behavioral group treatment program, reduces recidivism for this population, compared to existing services in a mental health court or a day reporting center.