Relationship Inventory

The Dual-Role Relationship Inventory (DRI-R) assesses the quality of relationships between offenders and the professionals who supervise them. The DRI-R is best-validated for use in probation and parole. We are validating a 9-item short form of the DRI-R. We also have several DRI-R translations (e.g., Spanish, French, Swedish, German) and adaptions (e.g., therapist-offender; judge-defendant). If you are interested in these, please email the lab directly with your request to

The original DRI-R is free, but copyrighted. The appropriate citation is: 

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We ask for your contact information to help build a community and knowledge base about dual role relationships. Please consider sharing an anonymous file of DRI-R scores with us -- this will help develop normative scores to interpret what "high" and "low" quality relationships are, in different contexts. Until DRI-R norms are available, our preliminary results suggest that you may interpret average DRI-R scores (i.e., Total score/30) of less than 5 points as indicative of poorer outcomes.