Student Research Assistants

Veronika Roble

Data Manager

Veronika is a third-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley, majoring in Psychology and considering a minor in Public Policy. She would like to attend graduate school in order to pursue a PhD or Psy.D. in psychology. She is considering a career in counseling and/or forensic psychology, while also working to make sure that everyone has access to mental health resources through policy analysis and reform.

Anika Djukic

Data Assistant

Anika is a second-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, majoring in Psychology and Legal Studies. She is passionate about equal access to and protection under the law, child welfare, educational equity and mental health. She is interested in doing research on the intersection between law, mental illness and psychology. After graduating, she plans on either pursuing a J.D. degree or a Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology.  

Caroline Kwon

Research Assistant

 Caroline is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Asian American Studies. She is interested in learning and spreading factual information to destigmatize mental illness and making mental health resources more accessible in traditionally underserved communities. After Cal, she hopes to pursue a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. 

Tanaya Kollipara

Research Assistant

Tanaya is a first-year student at UC Berkeley, intending to double major in Gender & Women's Studies and Molecular & Cell Biology. With a personal connection to mental health and previous experiences in advocating for those with mental illnesses, Tanaya is passionate about the intersection between mental health and justice, hoping to provide a voice to those who do not have one. She is also extremely interested in women's rights and health, an intersection she strives to understand more about. In the future, she hopes to take part in advocation organizations, as well as potentially pursue a career in either the medical or legal field.

Paris Gockley

Research Assistant

Paris is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and Legal Studies. She plans on pursuing a Masters in Forensic Psychology and a PsyD or PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is extremely passionate about helping those suffering with mental illness and thinks that helping to lessen the stigma around it will help both the issue of mental illness and associated criminal behaviors. 

Shalvena Sharma

Research Assistant

Shalvena is a junior pursuing a degree in Psychology and Legal Studies at UC Berkeley with a possibility of minoring in Linguistics. She hopes to continue working in research projects after graduation, especially those overlapping the fields of Psychology and the Criminal Justice system. In addition to research, she aspires to obtain a Master's in a degree combining Psychology and the justice system. Her main goals are to uncover findings that can influence policies geared toward parolees and minors at risk.