Dual-Role Relationship Inventory

The Dual-Role Relationship Inventory (DRI-R) assesses the quality of relationships between people who are required to participate in treatment or supervision, and the professionals who serve them.  Specifically, the DRI-R measures the extent to which the relationship is firm, fair, and caring.

The DRI-R may be completed by clients, professionals, or observers.  A 9-item short form has been validated and is now available; as are translations (e.g., Spanish, French, Swedish, German).  The DRI-R is free, but copyrighted.

The appropriate citations are:

Skeem, J., Eno Louden, J., Polasheck, D., & Camp, J. (2007). Assessing relationship quality in mandated community treatment: Blending care with control. Psychological Assessment, 19 (4), 397-410.

Gocyyev, P & Skeem, J. (2018). Efficiently Assessing Firm, Fair & Caring Relationships: Short Form of the Dual Role Relationship Inventory. Psychological Assessment, 31 (3), 352–364.

If you wish to use the DRI-R, please email risk-resilience-research@berkeley.edu.