risk assessment

Jennifer L. Skeem and Devon L. L. Polaschek publication "High risk, not hopeless: correctional intervention for people at risk for violence" ,discussing effective ways to identify and reduce risk of reoffending for people at high risk of recidivism, is highlighted in a new Marquette Law Review special symposium issue on preventing violent reoffending, 

As part of Christopher Slobogin’s Special Issue on Implementation of Post-Conviction Risk Assessment, Jennifer Skeem and Christopher Lowenkamp analyze how alternative ways for "debiasing" risk assessment algorithms affect various tradeoffs in their article "Using Algorithms to Address Trade-Offs Inherent in Predicting Recidivism"

Zhiyuan “Jerry” Lin, Jongbin Jung, Sharad Goel and Jennifer Skeem discuss their findings in attempting to replicate and extend the 2018 Dartmouth study in the Washington Post article "In the U.S. criminal justice system, algorithms help officials make better decisions, our research finds". 

Listen to Jennifer Skeem discuss how artificial intelligence aids in risk assessments in a recent interview with Robyn Williams from The Science Show.



WIRED Magazine features Prof. Skeem's work with Nicholas Scurich and John Monahan on the impact of risk assessment on judges’ fairness in sentencing relatively poor defendants in "Algorithms Should've Made Courts More Fair. What Went Wrong?". 

Professor Skeem consulted with the Science Education department at KQED to produce an informative video geared towards high school students that introduces risk assessment tools in the criminal justice system.